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Construction Dredging Company Limited Liability Company (CDC LLC) -

Subsidiary company of MezhRegionStroy Limited Liability Company (MRS LLC).

Year of incorporation – 2022

Subsidiary company of MezhRegionStroy Limited Liability Company

Offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Qualified personnel highly experienced in hydraulic construction projects in the Russian Federation and abroad

Registered in: Association of construction general contractors, Association of city planning and design organizations

Activity activity

Construction and/or purchase of special purpose technical vessels to meet the needs of the Russian dredging and hydraulic engineering construction market, to surpass import dependency in this field and to advance technical development of marine construction in the Russian Federation;

Management of projects related to dredging, hydraulic construction and thereto related works at different complexity levels assisted by a team of specialized professionals;

Advancement of qualified fleet personnel, cooperation with industry-specific higher education institutions for the purpose of involvement of students and graduates. Supply of the dredging fleet with technical maintenance bases involving;

Merging of competencies of a design center and a construction company within CDC LLC for implementation of turnkey projects.

Geographical location of projects projects
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Head office:

+7 (495) 280-13-55

Moscow, Pravdy str., 8, 7

Branch office:

Saint Petersburg, Malaya Konyushennaya str., 1-3 Business center “Sweden House”